Judy Garland
The Rainbow
The Rainbow
The Rainbow
The Rainbow
The Rainbow
The Rainbow
The Rainbow
The Rainbow
The Rainbow
The Rainbow
The Rainbow

Welcome to our gorgeous, personalised picture book in which a child you love goes on an adventure with the legendary Judy Garland! A unique gift they will remember for all time. 🎁

What's your child called?

Judy Garland has lost her lucky necklace. She can’t sing without it! Can you help her find it?

Join the legendary film star on a magical journey through the MGM film lot.

A funny and fantastical celebration of friendship, imagination and the magic of showbiz.

The Rainbow cover
£ 20

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The Rainbow puts your child in the heart of Classic Hollywood and the magical world of make-believe that was the MGM film lot. Judy and her friend (your child!) travel across different worlds as they search for Judy’s missing necklace. But what if Judy never finds it?

📖 Printed on beautiful FSC paper, this book is hardback and has 34 pages - including a glossary of fun facts and a personalised message.

Who is this book for?

This book is perfect for reading aloud to young children from the age of two or three. Older children of five or six will be thrilled to read their own names and recognize themselves in the story.

Read more about our books’ age range on our FAQ page.

“Awesome wee Christmas present from the fab team @inthehistorybooks. Personalised, educational and super fun. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“My 4 enjoying reading their personalised history book @inthehistorybooksuk such a lovely idea 💫”

Gemma Krnic

“Little Emlyn loving his personalised book, courtesy of @inthehistorybooksuk. Really recommended ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Lucy Hardy

“James really loves his book! He’s been requesting it every night for the past week! The pages have a lovely finish on them too.”


“Rose is enjoying her new book Fly with Me by @neevkm, Daniel Hills and @InTheHistoryBks. Such a lovely personalised story about da Vinci.”

“Reading ‘Fly with Me’ the amazing personalised book starring ‘Louis’ and his buddy Leonardo da Vinci. Thank you, Louis loves it.”

“My granddaughter Sienna adores her book with Judy Garland. The hardback is such lovely quality.”

Liz Wilkinson

“What a likeness! Layla loves her book, it's great, now she wants to live in Hollywood!”


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