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What is a personalised book?

A personalised book is a book that features a real child in the book as a character. The child is IN the book, part of the story.

In a IN THE HISTORY BOOKS personalised book, you can create an avatar or an image of the child the book is for, choosing their hair colour, skin tone, favourite colour to wear and, of course, their name.

Our books also allow you to add another person from the child’s life to the story. In our books, this person (usually an adult, but you can choose whoever you wish) features at a key moment, supporting the child.

You can also include a personalised dedication (e.g. To Sam, on your birthday, Love Granny) at the beginning of the book.

The personalisation options make our books a great gift. The storytelling and the artwork make it a really special one.

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Our books are classic picture books in that they are most suitable for children between the ages of two and six. We know this seems very wide! But in our experience, children at this age respond to books in all kinds of ways.

  • In the case of our books:

    • Two year olds will adore the colourful illustrations and the shape of the story
    • Three and four year olds will enjoy the story itself, and will be thrilled to see someone who looks like them in a book
    • Five and six year olds will be delighted to read their name in print and they will be inspired to learn more about the historical figure

We also think that some older kids (and even grown-ups) who love art, creativity, Leonardo Da Vinci or anything a bit different will also treasure this book.

    • Most personalised books are brilliant. Children absolutely love to see themselves “in” a book, and it can give them so much confidence, especially when they are learning to read.
    • Our books are “real” books: The personalisation element is special, but it’s the stories and the illustrations themselves that will bring children back to our books again and again.
    • Our books open the gateways of history to very young children. They are intended to inspire children about history and to encourage them to go out and learn more. Our books are extremely fun, but they are based on proper research and passion for our historical subjects.
    • Our books are stories, not mini biographies. There are lots of brilliant biographies of famous people available for children; we love them and read them to our own children. Our books are different in that they take the famous person as a starting off point for the book. We think about what inspires us about that person, and we use this as a basis for a story.
    • Our books are written, illustrated and printed in the UK. We are a small business (read more here) and by supporting us, you are supporting creative industry in the UK. We print our books to order so there is no waste in shipping or pulping unsold stock as there often is in traditional publishing.
    • Our books are inspired by you. As we go on to build more books, we want to hear from our audience about who inspires them and why.

You got it. Our stories are full of hidden details about the real historical person the book is based on. These details are used to form a glossary full of interesting facts about the historical character at the back of the book. The child can then hunt through the book to find the objects the historical fact relates to.

Our stories use biographical information to weave a story because we think learning should be fun, especially for small children.

Please allow five working days for delivery of your book.

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